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About The Little Dominican:

The Little Dominican grew up amongst McDonald's malls and the bright city lights of the big Apple. After gaining the Freshman 15--TWICE!-- she discovered she could run! Since then the Little Dominican has lost 55 pounds and fallen in love with all things kale, sweating and wellness. She is currently training with NYC's Team Works to hit the stage for the first time as a Figure competitor. When not in the weight room, The Little Dominican enjoys being a Fitness Contributor for Serendipity New York, testing the waters with new workouts, blundering in the kitchen, watching movies with her favorite guy, managing her team's social media platforms, geeking out over running shoes, and salivating over donuts (especially Red Velvet donuts).

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OMG, this looks delicious.

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I love sunflowers, so I’m going to put these here to brighten up your dash. ^_^

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It’s okay to just need that cheeseburger you’ve been craving, or that order of fries, or that ice cream cone, or that huge slice of cake, or a bar of chocolate, or a greasy slice of cheese pizza. And you know what? Congratulations. Don’t ever feel like you have to justify your choice of what you consume or why you “had to cheat” and “had to have it.” Enjoy it. You deserve it.

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A year ago today I teased a boy at our wrap party into kissing me. Turns out he was one hell of a kisser! #love #mine


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Daily Health And Fitness Motivation, Inspiration


Daily Health And Fitness Motivation, Inspiration


When I first started out, I made a lot of mistakes.

In fact I still make mistakes from time to time. 

It’s part of the JOURNEY!

We are human and we will never be perfect. 

If you beat yourself up or quit every time you do something you’re not happy about, you’re never going to reach your goals. 

Make it easier on yourself by forgiving yourself for your mistakes and continuing forward. 

“Don’t be ashamed of trying… every journey has to start somewhere!”  So cheer up buttercups!!!! 

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I needed to read this today!

I have these fears, wonders and doubts about where my life is going.