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About the Little Dominican:
The little Dominican grew up amidst the bright lights of Times Square and McDonald's malls. After gaining the Freshman 15--TWICE!--the little Dominican began a love affair with all things Fitness, Health & Nutrition. Since then she has lost 50 lbs, and regained her life. She is currently training to hit the stage for her very first Fitness competition. When not on the track or hauling butt in kickboxing she enjoys writing new adventures, watching movies, testing out new workouts, seeing new corners of the world, acquiring stylish new digs, and working at a specialty running store.

Creative Writing:


Erin Stern.

Erin looking gorgeous as always! That suit! That glow! Those muscles!


Alicia Coates

I really admire Alicia Coates’ figure. I feel as though she has a good size but still looks considerably lean which is what I’m hoping for!

I am so incredibly nervous (but excited!) about my check-in with my coach on Friday. My last check-in was in the middle of June, and it didn’t go so well. My body fat increased, my weight went up, and a few inches came back. Even before going into my check-in I knew my results wouldn’t be great. May ended on a rough note, and I found myself skipping workouts and eating everything I could possibly get my hands on (Oreos! Yes! Cheese? Better!) I completely lacked motivation and determination.

I spent June and most of this July just trying to get myself back into a rhythm. My coach and I decided to push July’s check-in so that I wouldn’t be bother by my… ahem… monthly visitor… I know that I am back down to my weight from May (yay!) and I am hoping that my body fat has moved as well. I can see small progress though! My butt looks higher! LOL And there are times when I can see some definition happening in my tummy area.

Though I do not know when my body will be ready to compete, I have started taking advantage of our monthly posing clinics. I wanted to get all the pieces down for showtime! I’ll let you guys know how Friday goes!


Mahi Mahi Banh Mi with Spicy Curried Mayo + Fried Eggs

I have become obsessed with Mahi Mahi since starting my Figure training so I have to try to whip this up!

(via eat-well-and-go-to-the-gym)

Tumblr! It has been so long since my last post. Normally I would post from my cell phone but alas I was mugged at the end of May and my phone was one of the first things they took. I want to show you guys where I am in terms of progress but pictures will have to wait!

I do though have so much to update all of you on and I am really excited to be back on here.

Please let me know how you’re doing! Drop me a message and let me know how these past few months have been or add me on FB ( to keep me updated.

Muah! So glad to be back.

Making new friends this weekend in my love’s hometown! πŸ˜‹


My coach told me I’m looking too skinny. 😩 A year ago i would’ve looked to hear that, but as an aspiring #figurecompetitor that’s the last thing I want! So made some egg white and protein powder #pancakes, topped it with sunflower seed butter for breakfast and then going to sip on my BCAAs to try to get my muscles to GROW! My #pescatariandiet is giving me trouble but I am simply not ready (nor interested) in eating meat again, so I’m going to work harder at my nutrition. Adding in more tuna steaks and eating more beans, getting more fish throughout the day. I know I can do it. Anyone else a pescatarian #bodybuilder? I’m starting to feel like the only one, though I know I can’t be. #fitness #buildingmuscle #protein #figureproblems

Gooooood morning! If you do just one thing today, make sure it is thanking the universe for everything you have. If you have a job, amazing people who love and support you, a roof over your head, clothes on your body, if you have ANYTHING be thankful! You’re a fc^king billionaire. Yes, your bank account may not reflect it but the universe gave you another opportunity to change anything you don’t like or doesn’t suit you. You’re alive and today is your day. #positivity #thankyouuniverse #optimism #blessed #seizingtheday