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The Little Dominican grew up amongst McDonald's malls and the bright city lights of the big Apple. After gaining the Freshman 15--TWICE!-- she discovered she could run! Since then the Little Dominican has lost 55 pounds and fallen in love with all things kale, sweating and wellness. She is currently training with NYC's Team Works to hit the stage for the first time as a Figure competitor. When not in the weight room, The Little Dominican enjoys being a Fitness Contributor for Serendipity New York, testing the waters with new workouts, blundering in the kitchen, watching movies with her favorite guy, managing her team's social media platforms, geeking out over running shoes, and salivating over donuts (especially Red Velvet donuts).

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Last night, I went for a walk. I didn’t want to go home and I had just left one of my safe places. I didn’t want to be alone. I felt lonely. I felt ugly. I felt fat. I felt insecure and overwhelmed. I thought I couldn’t be in that space and mindset anymore, but I know that my disordered eating patterns as of late tell a different story. I keep wanting to reach out to my family but I am scared of their judgement, scared of being the one that consistently can’t get things right. They make me feel as if my worst moments are what define me instead of what strengthen me. So often we forget that the people we love are not put here to be perfect. We forget they are doing their best and instead of showing them the light within themselves we highlight their darkness. Do not let your loved ones fight battles in silence. When they come to you, open your arms to them. Find out what they need from you. Do not judge them or break them down. Accept them. Guide them. And love them without measure. #love #thoughts #feelings #support

Ooooooh, 😞 no more! 😭 #nutsnmore #cinnamonraisinalmondbutter #almondbutter #nutbutter #alldone

Why nutrition matters. The first pic was taken October 2nd, right after having a sloppy September. I was hitting my workouts (twice per day!) but not eating right consistently. The next two from this morning (almost 2 weeks later) are telling! To keep myself sane and on target my coach suggested a treat meal once a week contingent on me keeping consistent with my nutrition and workouts the rest of the week. Well, safe to say I have been on my game! My biggest success to date was indulging on Friday and being able to move right along. I did not binge or spiral out of control or start thinking “Why did I eat that?” I structure my treat meals so that I can enjoy them and not worry about “losing progress.” A healthy relationship with food means a lot to me and I feel it getting stronger! (P.S. Scrubs as pajamas= love.) #fit #fitlife #fitnation #fitness #fitlatina #fitdominican #nutrition #cleaneating #eatingclean #eatclean #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #competitorintraining #fitchicks #aspiringfigurecompetitor #healthy #healthylife #food #strong

I love and admire @alicia_coates_ so much! She’s unapologetically herself, she doesn’t allow others to tell her what she can and can’t do (they told her she wasn’t built for #figure. Looks like she shut them up!) and she’s full of sass. I hope to be as bad ass as her one day. #aliciacoates #fitspiration #fit #fitness #figurecompetitor #ifbbpro #ifbbfigurepro #fitnessinspiration #fitfam #fitlife #fitnation #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #figurepro #fitnessmotivation #musclemonday #motivationmonday #abs #bodybuilding #bodybuilder


I feel like trying banana ice cream is a Tumblr vegan rite of passage, or something. I must admit to being sceptical beforehand, but it really is like soft-serve ice cream! Yum. This is four frozen bananas blended with 2 tbsp almond milk, swirled with coconut sugar and cacao nibs. :)

Discovering banana ice cream is definitely up there on the list of Top 10 food discoveries!

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When I told my family I was going to be a cover model before I died they laughed in my face! Before I die? Try two years. Your dreams are closer than you think. Reach out and grab them.


This is incredible. I have been wondering β€œCan I ever be a Fitness model if I’m currently not in cover model shape?”

This makes me say yes!

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Exercise Keeps You Young

She’s also a vegan.


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