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The Little Dominican grew up amongst McDonald's malls and the bright city lights of the big Apple. After gaining the Freshman 15--TWICE!-- she discovered she could run! Since then the Little Dominican has lost 55 pounds and fallen in love with all things kale, sweating and wellness. She is currently training with NYC's Team Works to hit the stage for the first time as a Figure competitor. When not in the weight room, The Little Dominican enjoys being a Fitness Contributor for Serendipity New York, testing the waters with new workouts, blundering in the kitchen, watching movies with her favorite guy, managing her team's social media platforms, geeking out over running shoes, and salivating over donuts (especially Red Velvet donuts).

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Ok this is really late! But one of my favorite Tumblrs, NeverGiveUp283to140, tagged me to upload 6 photos that make me feel pretty so here they are!

  1. Jun 2011: My very first 10K!
  2. Apr 2012 to Apr 2013: After my breakup in 2012, I got back into working out as a way to keep from being depressed. Over the course of that year my life changed immensely for the better! I regained my strength, met an amazing guy, started training for a Figure competition, and became more positive! ^_^
  3. 2010: The time I cut all my hair off! BEST DECISION EVER! It gave me so much more confidence!
  4. May 2011: Me graduating from college.
  5. Feb 2014: The first Valentine’s Day with my guy.
  6. Aug 2014: Vegas! Feeling sexy, pretty, fit and confident!


Here’s to starting a fabulous week!! #motivation #determination #goals #dreams #Monday #primalcravings #paleo #crossfit (at ☕️

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Today is the 4th day that I have been on track with my nutrition plan since returning from Vegas! Every time I see something I just tell myself to remember, that on Saturday after completing my workout I can enjoy a treat meal! I’ve thwarted cookies, bite sized candies, and chips! Now to get through Thursday and Friday!

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I know that girls are scared to lift weights in fear of looking masculine. I want to let everyone know that you can be strong AND feminine.❤️💪 Learn to embrace your strength and muscles, for it is your hard work that has enabled you to have them. When I look at both photos, I feel just as beautiful in my gym clothes as I do in my evening gown. It’s not about what you wear or how you look on the outside, it’s truly about how you feel about yourself in the inside. And I…have never felt happier and alive.🙌


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Maybe if we stopped treating exercise as a punishment, more people would do it.